User Management

In order to control access to DAVINCI data via DAVINCI INFOSERVER you must create users in DAVINCI SERVER and assign appropriate rights to them. The following steps control the display of data for DAVINCI WEBBOX and DAVINCI MOBILE.

The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Determine a username DAVINCI => Please only use standard English characters!
  2. Export usernames from DAVINCI and import them into DAVINCI EXPLORER
  3. Generate identifiers and export user data if applicable
  4. Set up "Webuser" for logging into INFOSERVER on DAVINCI SERVER
  5. Define user groups and assign users
  6. Assign users and user groups to the timetable file
  7. Assign policies for users and user groups

Defining Usernames in DAVINCI

For the DAVINCI timetable file that DAVINCI INFOSERVER uses you need to define what type of users should have access to the data via DAVINCI MOBILE or DAVINCI WEBBOX. Teachers, classes, and students can basically receive a username in your timetable file.

For example, to enter the usernames for teachers proceed as follows:

  • Load the timetable file in DAVINCI which DAVINCI-INFOSERVER uses.

  • Go to the view Master Data > Teachers.

  • Here you can now enter any username you wish per teacher in the Username column.

Alternatively the usernames can also be assigned by DAVINCI.

  • Highlight multiple teachers to generate usernames for in Master Data > Teachers.

  • Then right-click and select the Predefine Username from the context menu and confirm the security prompt with OK.

Generate Users
Generate Users
  • The previously highlighed teachers will now receive the teacher abbreviation as a username.


Please note that usernames may only contain standard English characters.

Similarly to the teachers, you can also fill the Username column in the Master Data of classes or students.

As a general rule it is sufficient to allocate usernames to teachers and classes. Allocating user IDs to students then only makes sense if there are no lessons taking place in the classroom. This is the case for example, in upper secondary school. Every high school student should receive his own user ID.

Export Usernames

The usernames generated in DAVINCI can also be exported and reimported into DAVINCI EXPLORER. You'll find the option to export under Timetable > Import and Export > Export DAVINCI User Data. Optionally the user data for classes, teacher and students can be exported to a text file.

Create or Import Users

For each username previously defined in the DAVINCI timetable file a corresponding user with username and ID must now be created in DAVINCI EXPLORER.

You can import the user data exported from DAVINCI or create users manually.

You can assign user passwords individually or for multiple users you can have them generated automatically. Select the users in the view and then select the Create Username option from the menu bar.

Create Usernames
Create Usernames

In order to inform the users of their auto-generated passwords use the Export option in the menu bar. It will generate a text file containing the personal login data.

Export User Data
Export User Data

For more information on this topic see the User Management section of DAVINCI EXPLORER.

In DAVINCI Explorer a user of type "Teacher", "Class" or "Student" must always have a corresponding user ID in the timetable file assigned to DAVINCI INFOSERVER so that these users can log into the DAVINCI app.

Set Up User "Webuser" for Infoserver

You set up users for classes, teachers or students so that it is declared what the user can see after logging into DAVINCI WEBBOX (PC) or DAVINCI MOBILE (Tablet, Smartphone).

Additionally a user must be created whose rights define what is visible without logging in. This user logs into DAVINCI SERVER later in order to retrieve the data you have allowed. Create a user, call it for example "Webuser", enter a password and please assign it no administrator rights.

This user is assigned to the timetable file in the next step, then assigned permissions and later used for the server connection to DAVINCI SERVER under Start > Control Panel > DAVINCI INFOSERVER > Server Connection.

Set Up User Groups

In order to avoid having to assign individual rights to each user you create user groups, assign to the timetable file and then assign the rights. The user groups you require depends on which groups you want to publish content to. Obviously you will require a group for teachers and for classes. If for example, upper school students should see an individual timetable you will require another user group. Generate new user groups in DAVINCI EXPLORER on the User Groups tab using the Add button. By right-clicking on a created user group you can select multiple users.


Please avoid adding users to multiple user groups or that the user groups only cover subareas where possible in order to prevent user right conflicts.

Assigning User Rights and Groups to the Timetable File

Under the Timetable Files tab select the timetable file the users should gain access to and then click the Policies button in the menu bar. On the Users tab add your "Webuser", on the User Groups tab add your created user groups.

Assign Users
Assign Users


Users and user groups can be assigned to the workspace, folder or timetable file level by right-clicking and selecting Policies. Please make sure to assign the USERS/USER GROUPS AT JUST ONE LEVEL so that the right legal structure remains unambiguous.

Assigning Policies for DAVINCI INFOSERVER

In DAVINCI EXPLORER you can determine what user rights to assign the "Webuser" and user groups under "Policies DAVINCI INFOSERVER” for the concerned timetable file.

Infoserver Policies
Infoserver Policies

Export Data

  • Not allowed
  • Allow exporting HTML
  • Allow exporting XML and HTML

DAVINCI INFOSERVER can retrieve XML datd and/or HTML data from DAVINCI SERVER, both are not required any longer for DAVINCI MOBILE and DAVINCI WEBBOX, both applications receive data in Json format. At this point you have the option of preventing the old output for HTML and XML data.

Display DAVINCI WEBBOX Logout/Login

  • Yes
  • No

If you want the button for opening the DAVINCI WEBBOX login window to be displayed then please select "Yes". If you want to display content in DAVINCI WEBBOX that everyone can see you can hide it by selecting "No".


  • Yes
  • No

Here you can decide whether the teacher in DAVINCI WEBBOX and the DAVINCI MOBILE app should be displayed in the timetable and substitution list in the "Substitute" column with his name or his abbreviation.

Display Timetables

The following policies are available:

Value Meaning Views in DAVINCI MOBILE (see legend)
Not allowed No access allowed None
Guest Only classes and room timetables 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Guest Substitution list allowed 3
Guest Substitution list, Room timetables allowed 3, 2
Guest Substitution list, Room -/Class timetables allowed 3, 2
Guest Substitution list, Room -/Classes-/Teacher timetables allowed 1, 2, 3, 4
Students Only own timetable 1, 3, 4, 6
Class Only own timetable 1, 3, 4, 6
Teacher Only own timetable, all classes and room timetables 1 (Teachers), 2 (Classes, Räume), 3, 4, 5, 6
Team Own Timetable, Classes-, Room Timetables of the Team 1 (Teachers), 2 (Classes, Rooms), 3 (the team), 4 (the team), 5 (the team), 6 (the team)
Teammaster All classes, teachers-, room timetables of the team 1, 2 (Teachers of the Team, Classes, Rooms), 3 (the team), 4 (the team), 5 (the team), 6 (the team)
Staff All timetables except teacher timetables 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Master Unlimted access Everyone

Legend for the Views in DAVINCI MOBILE

Depending on the rights that have been configured in DAVINCI EXPLORER the following summaries can be display in DAVINCI MOBILE for users:

1 Own Timetable
2 Other Timetables
3 List of Changes/Substitutions
4 Calendar Entries (e.g. Holidays)
5 Overview Timetables: All Classes/Teacher Room Timetables Today
6 Floor Plan: What is being taught right now?

Examples for the "Webuser"


With these settings you determine exactly what is shown when someone opens Webbox. This could be for example only room timetables, only substitution list or even no content, rather the login window.

Policy Recommendation
Export data For the function test of DAVINCI INFOSERVER select "Allow exporting XML and HTML".
If you only want to work with DAVINCI WEBBOX and DAVINCI MOBILE please select "Not allowed".
Show DaVinci-Webbox LogIn/LogOut If you do not want to grant access without first logging in please select "Yes".
Display Timetables If no content should be displayed without a login please select "Not allowed".
If without a login only the substitution plan should be viewable select "Guest: Substitution list allowed".

Colleagues and School Management

The overall planner should receive the "Master” policy. You should assign the "Teachers" policy to colleagues. That way they can see their own timetable but no other.

If you work with departments you can use the "Team” policy. In this case the colleagues see their own timetable and all classes and room timetable of the department (or their team). With the “Team Master” policy all teacher timetables of the team can be viewed.

Students and Teachers/Trainers

As a rule, students are only registered in DAVINCI if it concerns classes in the course scheme i.e. each student has his own timetable e.g. in upper secondary school. As long as this isn't the case you should create a username with user ID and password in DAVINCI EXPLORER for each class. The class itself is managed as "User". Each student/parent/instructor of students of the class then receives these identifier data and can display each class timetable with substitution information.

Using multiple Identifiers

DAVINCI MOBILE is capable of using several identifiers with a request to DAVINCI INFOSERVER. In the following cases such situations are described in practise.

Parents with More than one Child at School

When parents have more than one child at the school the DAVINCI app is able to take this fact into consideration when logging in with those identifier details.

  1. Case: Both children are in the same class and the parents are only aware of identifier data of the class (Username 5a/Password 5apwd). In this case the parents log into the DAVINCI app with username 5a and the password 5apwd.

  2. Case: Both children are in different classes and the parents are only aware of the identifier details of both classes (Username 5a/Password 5apwd) and (Username 8c/Kennwort 8cpwd). In this case the parents log into the DAVINCI app with username 5a,8c and password 5apwd,8cpwd in order to see the class timetables and class substitutions of both children.

  3. Case: Both children are in different classes and the parents are only aware of the identifier details of both children (Username pet35a/Password pet35apwd) and (Username ana68c/Password ana68cpwd). In this case the parents log into the DAVINCI app with username pet35a,ana68c and password pet35apwd,ana68cpwd in order to view the student timetables and student substitutions of both children.

Trainers With More Than One Trainee at School

Here the analog rules apply which have already been described to the children of the parents: The parents answer to the trainers and the children to the trainees.

Teachers With Children at School

Here similar rules apply as with the children of the parents. When the teacher would like to see his own timetable and that of his child at the same time, the usernames and passwords must also be entered in the DAVINCI MOBILE settings by entering a comma in the username and password.

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